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What to do, postpone or cancel your dream wedding in South of France or Italy?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

In these uncertain times, when the reality of the COVID-19 sets in, many couples are wondering what to do with their wedding scheduled for the upcoming months - postpone or cancel?

Many couples and families worldwide, who were just months away from their dream wedding day, are now suddenly faced with replanning, economic and logistical challenges due to COVID-19.

Being in similar position five years ago myself, when my partner and I planned a destination wedding in Mexico and had to cancel it due to unexpected pregnancy, I know exactly how couples must feel at the moment of the coronavirus uncertainty.

As my due date was only one month after our planned wedding day, we had to cancel a week-long celebration, as I wouldn’t be able fly out of Europe to Mexico 8 months pregnant. I had to give up my beach wedding dreams, throw away a year of planning each detail and loose all deposits. I also remember the stress of announcing the cancellation to all of our guests and loved ones, who already booked their flights and accommodation.

If only then we would think about POSTPONING the WEDDING DATE, but unfortunately within all the stress and panic at that moment, we simply didn’t think about that option.

On that note, I would urge you NOT to cancel your wedding due to COVID-19, but rather postpone your day to another date. You wan’t to be able to EXPERIENCE your fine art wedding that you planned to the last detail, and celebrate YOUR LOVE with your friends and family... but only on ANOTHER DAY.

You are now probably thinking, what happens if your wedding planner, venue, band, florist or photographer aren’t available on your new date?

Have no fear, I have your back on the photographer end. If you planned your wedding in SOUTH OF FRANCE and ITALY, I am your photographer, living and working between French Riviera and Tuscany with open dates from this summer onwards.

And if you struggle to find other vendors, I will gladly recommend wedding professionals and venues, who are here to help as well.

As I know exactly how you feel at the moment, and my heart goes out to all of you, I would love to do my bit to help. By rebooking your wedding day,  some of you probably lost a vendor or two, as well as those deposits, like I did in Mexico.

Knowing that terrible feeling, I would love to help and offer my photography services at DISCOUNTED RATE to all couples who had been affected by this unpleasant reality of COVID-19.

Get in touch, let’s book that new wedding date and capture your DREAM WEDDING later this year!

Much love,

Maja x

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